The Video

See the shocking true story about the boy building the vehicle of the future in his kitchen to perform his daily shopping! See some driving techniques that are possible with Plankalkül! Hear the great, swingin Plankalkül promotion song from the world famous homecomputer-band Bodenstandig 2000 (Rephlex Records)!

The video was made together with my friends Tactile Volker (equipment), Astrid (camera), Dombart (camera vehicle) and Matz (cut). It would be worse or non existant without them. Thank you.

Download 'Extreme Einkaufing' using DivX 3.11 (30 MByte, kinda VHS-Hifi Quality). Codecs for Windows, Mac, Beos and Linux are available for instance at

Download 'Extreme Einkaufing' using MicrosoftMedia8 (30 MByte, kinda VHS-Hifi Quality). Slightly better quality on fast computers with more than 500 Mhz. Use Microsoft Media Player 6.4 or newer to play. If necessary, the Media Player will automatically download a Codec for MicrosoftMedia8.

Depending on your konfiguration, you may have to use the right mousebutton and "save as" or similar to avoid streaming efforts of your computer. Streaming is useful for DSL or similar situations at best. In case that every effort to watch this film should fail, you should at least watch this GameboyCamera-film of my fellow dog Dragan. It shows me on Plankalkül V3 and uses just 25 Kilobytes (!). :-O


The Music

Download 'Das Plankalkül-Werbelied', the Original Soundtrack of 'Extreme Einkaufing' (MP3, 4 MByte)

The Plankalkül-Generation shouts the message around the world: Kitchen-technology beats the Global Players! This is rather common today for computerfreaks and musicfreaks, but no more for mechanics. If you are a musician willing to do a remix, ask for the original-samples!

Download 'Das Plankalkül-Werbelied Psilodumputer Megarave Mix' (MP3, 4.4 Mbyte), the fantastic remix from the fantastic electro whizzkid Psilodumputer from Sweden. The killer app for the Fraunhofer sound compressor! Grooves like hell!

Download 'Das Plankalkuel-Werbelied (Psilo-Mix) live at Camp Gay Chicago' (MP3, 4.2 MB), rather trashy live version of the Psilodumputer-Mix, but of huge historical interest. Performed 2003 at the legendary concert of Bodenstandig 2000 at Camp Gay/Chicago/Illinois/USA. (Powered by Goethe Institute to save the german language). If it comes to propaganda, we don't know any shame. Schakka!

Download 'Das Plankalkul-Werbelied Absymbel-Electroacid-Mix' (MP3, 4 MB), very good remix from Absymbel. Rather floating Kraftwerk. Especially the end is great.

Download 'Das Plankalkul-Werbelied Elektrosoph-Mix' (MP3, 6,6 MB), great and confusing Remix from Elektrosoph feat. Speak&Spell and Dr. Snuggles.

Download 'Das Plankalkul-Werbelied tom_level-groove-edit' (MP3, 1.2MB), this stiff techno remix from Tom Level will probably stay unfinished forever, but i at least want to release the draft to the world now.


The Lyrics

*** The Plankalkül advertising song ***

[black&white rapper]

Designers, researchers, scientists
are weary of dissing each other.
They plan hand in hand
the vehicle for tomorrowland.
It needs no fuel and no battery
MechBern transforms the dream into reality.
I'm your mechanic, your master of ceremonies
your aristocratic lover, your autogenic welder.
And now, 2001, we give to the one world
peace, love and what holds it together in its inmost folds:

2 wheels one joystick, no handlebar
Plankalkül is for poets and thinkers
Plankalkül is for workers and farmers
for carpenters and those who lay the bricks of the house
For Lars (stupid german first name), for losers, for lamers, for weaklings
For professionals, for proletarians and for cultural elites
For motor freaks and eco-fascists
For creativity resource managers and halfpipe artists
Plankalkül is for skaters and sprayers
and for the girl next door
for Mr. Average and the guy next door
and for those who already know how to ride a kickscooter
Briefly: Members of different scenes and castes
ride Plankalkül slowly or fast
Surfing, wedeling, jumping and falling down
will spice up your life in the future
whether extreme shopping or just for fun
Everybody will love Plankalkul
But the best thing is to avoid the rush
and to chill while surfin the street's wasteness.

[Milk coffee girls]

Plankalkül, oh yes! Plankalkül, oh yes!
Plankalkül, oh yes! Plankalkül, oh yes!

[Ralf and Florian]

Agile, trendy, fast and quick
Plankalkül, the missing link
torsion-free and track-stable
Everybody rides Plankalkül

Agile, with no hands, fast and quick
half kickscooter, half uber-object
torsion-free and track-stable
Wir fahrn fahrn fahrn auf dem Plankalkül

[Milk coffee girls]

Plankalkul, oh yes! Plankalkul, oh yes!
Plankalkul, oh yes! Plankalkul, oh yes!