The only real sucessor was the unreleased "Marble Madness 2, Marble Man", but many other 80's and 90's games were inspired by Marble Madness. You can download some of them below. In the year 2003, there seems to start a new marble craze. Read about it here:

3rd millenium marble games:

- Marble insanity. A promising remake project. Two-dimensional, but higher resolution and new levels. Read more about it here.

- Trackballs. An OpenGL game with 3D graphics for Linux and Windows. Good puristic graphics. Sound and physics need more work IMHO. Read more here.e

- Marble Madness 2003. An Unreal Tournament 2003 based Mod-game. Seems to be the most ambitious of the new marble projects. Screenshots look sensational for the true fan of minimalistic architecture. Hope these kewl guys stay strong and add no trashy egoshooter-, dungeon-, gore and guts-, or other horror-graphics later! Look here.

- Marble blast. A well playable commercial game for Windows and Linux. Many interesting levels. The game engine looks a bit old-fashioned and the graphics are too kitchy for the true marble madness addictive, but others may like it. Free demo available. Look here.

Marble blast



80's and 90's marble games:

- Spindizzy for the C64. Great puzzle action.

- Gyroscope for the C64.

- Esprit and the sequel Oxyd for the Atari ST. Really good puzzle action games! They had great clean monochrome graphics and pioneered sample sounds on the Atari ST. These games will run with your ST-Emulator (Pacifist, Steem, WinSTon...), but better run with original hardware on a SM124 monochrome monitor. Oxyd Color was a special low resolution version for the 320x200-mode. Using the great CastCE-emulator, it even runs on a Pocket PC 2002. Yes!

- Oxyd1 and Oxyd Magnum for the PC. Good conversions of the Atari-Games in 16 VGA-Colors (as seen on the Atari TT/Falcon before). Dongleware was very successful with these games. Unfortunately, later sequels (PerOxyd, Oxyd Extra) tended to be very kitschy, some people call them "shareware-like".
Conversions for Next, Amiga and Mac were also available.

- Magentamurmel Max, a Prototype Multimedia CD-Rom for the "Deutsche Telekom Entwicklungszentrum Süd-West", developed by me in 1996. There is a talking translucent Marble that serves as cursor and your helping agent at the same time. I always planned to recycle this idea sometimes for a game, but failed.


- Marble Madness 2, Marble Man, a game that was never released, but that was tested in several arcades around 1991. There were new levels and the marble had some "Extra weapons". The marble was personified in death and win sequences ("Marble Man" had a cape and a face) and at least some of the prototypes had joysticks instead of trackballs.

In August 2000, first screenshots of the working game apeared in the internet. Seems that the graphics are much more trashy than the original ones. Some of the opponets are very kitschy (some people may find them funny) and contradict the original concept of Marble Madness which is very strict and aesthetical. Maybe it's good that this game was neve released, so that the Marble Madness cult stays untouched forever.

Since late 2002, it seems to be a fact that a MAME driver for MM2 exists, but it is not available to the public. The very few owners of a MM2 arcade machine do not agree to release the dumped roms to the public. Seems that we just have to sit and wait...